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There are certain festivals that bring out the emotiona bond between two human beings, rakhi is one such festival. Celebrated all over India, rakhi is the ultimate way to display the affection and bond between brother and sister. Rakhi celebration becomes even special if brothers and sisters do not live in the same city or in the same country. But thankfully these days the presence of online shops have made quick purchase and sending possible. Thus, a sister can afford to send a rakhi to his borther only a week earlier, and it will reach on the right day and date.

Most of the sisters prefer to send traditional rakhis to their brothers who are living outside India. This is one way to remind them of their home, and also the best way to send them some excellently  created rakhis, which they may try to keep for a long period. Sending such rakhis not only display emotion, but every grogeous design speak of sisterly love and care. The more lavish the design of a rakhi the more it pleases the sister.

You can buy a gold foiled rakhi that is made in the traditional way online. This rakhi is a representative of what one understands as rakhi India. It is a 24 karat gold foil that makes this rakhi a collectors item. It is one gift that is worthy to be sent to your beloved brother. The whole appearance of this glittering item will make it recognised as Indian handicraft. In addition the rakhi comes with various other items taht one would need to do prayers. All these will only prove your sincere feelings for your brother.


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24 kt gold foil flower rakhi.

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24 kt gold foil flower bracelet.

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24 kt gold foil flower rakhi and chuda rakhi.